Gallenco helps laboratories to reduce the time and cost of the interpretation of blood films, improves staff ergonomics, enhances security and traceability of results and allows patients to be diagnosed faster. The software is for research use only.

Our software uses computer vision and machine learning techniques to identify and classify White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells.​

  • band neutrophil
  • segmented neutrophil
  • eosinophil
  • basophil
  • lymphocyte
  • monocyte
  • promyelocyte
  • myelocyte
  • metamyelocyte
  • blast
  • variant lymphocyte
  • plasma cell
  • large granular lymphocyte
  • erythroblast
  • giant platelet
  • platelet aggregation
  • smudge cell
  • Artefact
  • Undefined
  • acanthocytes
  • basophilic stippling
  • burr cells
  • howell-jolly bodies
  • ovalocytes
  • pappenheimer bodies
  • polychromasia
  • RBC agglutination
  • rouleaux
  • schistocytes
  • spherocytes
  • stomatocytes
  • target cells

Get the full picture from a single report!  Our software integrates directly with your Laboratory Information System to have CBC analysis and PBF together (HL7 and SQL)

Our software analyzes any good-quality 40x image. Slides must be prepared using a May Grünwald Giemsa, Wright Giemsa, or Giemsa stain.

Our  cloud-based software, means that you can access your slides from any location. You can also share the samples  with your colleagues and get expert opinion. We also an offline solution for laboratories without Internet connectivity. 

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